Survey shows homeowners prepared to spend

More than half (66%) of the consumers quizzed in a recent survey have said they are preparing to spend more money improving their home in 2015.

Leads2trade, the UK supplier of double qualified leads and installer support, speaks to thousands of consumers each month when qualifying leads for its members and decided to carry out a consumer questionnaire, tackling a number of subjects.

When asked ‘what is the most important factor that influences the close of a sale?’ 37% of consumers said company reputation and 36% said customer references. Only 2% saying that the sales presentation was the most important.

A good looking website is the marketing activity most likely to make 38% of respondents buy, while 35% said local advertising would and 16% email marketing.

With regard to the economy, 42% said they expect it to improve and achieve more growth in the next five years, while 36% said they don’t expect this to be the case.

An overwhelming 94% said they prefer to get more than one quote before they buy and 96% said they are looking to invest in products that are eco-friendly.

Andy Royle, director at Leads2trade, commented:

“The fact that over half of those polled said they are looking to spend more money on home improvements is good news for installers, as it shows there is scope to take market share.

“It was also interesting that reputation and customer references are stronger influencers for closing a sale than the actual presentation itself. The report was comprehensive and gives the industry a good indicator of what consumers are thinking.”

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