The Certass Members Only Forum celebrates fourth anniversary


The Certass Members Only Forum is celebrating its fourth anniversary.

The Certass TA Forum was conceived in response to the pandemic, a statement said. Certass TA  said it stood out by delivering verified and reliable information at a time when misinformation was rampant.

Jon Vanstone, chair of Certass and Certass TA, said: “We never gambled with guesswork. We understood the stakes were high – livelihoods and family legacies were on the line. Our guiding principle was, and remains, to seek, verify, and deliver the truth.”

Danelle Vanstone, head of member engagement, added: “Our forum is more than a social platform; it’s a genuine community. A community that’s not afraid to tackle the hard questions steers through uncertainty – for the betterment of all our members.”

Certass TA members forum continues as the source for  industry dialogue, promoting conversations critical for the growth and long-term endurance of member businesses, particularly those locally owned and family-operated, the statement added.

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