Triple glazing hits triple figures at Outlet

consoutThe concept of triple glazing is a particularly hot topic within the glass and glazing industry at the moment, and fabricator Conservatory Outlet has recently announced that triple glazing already accounts for 10% of its business.

Wakefield based Conservatory Outlet says it was one of the first fabricators to embrace triple glazing, even launching a dedicated website in 2011, and it is now manufacturing around 200 triple glazed windows per week.

Managing director, Greg Kane, commented: “We launched triple glazing in 2011 to give our network members the opportunity to capitalise furthermore on the demand for energy efficient products and enjoy first-mover advantage.

,“There is a very persuasive argument to install triple glazing and this has helped our network members succeed in this niche sector. For instance, our triple glazed windows are typically 40% more energy efficient than a double glazed ‘A’ rated window; meaning consumers can save money on energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint; the unit is harder to break, thanks to the extra pane of glass and the uplift in cost is more than palatable for those who prioritise energy efficiency. Consumer awareness surrounding triple glazing is increasing and we’re working with our customers to help them maximise the opportunities on offer.”

Conservatory Outlet fabricates windows using the Synseal Synerjy profile which has a specially designed bead that can accommodate a 36mm triple glazed sealed unit. According to Conservatory Outlet, it takes the fabricator no longer to manufacture triple glazed windows than it does double glazed, so dealers still benefit from the fast lead times they have become accustomed to.

Conservatory Outlet says the aesthetics of triple glazed windows are almost identical to double glazing, with an equally vast array of colour options available, so performance is very much the differential.

Greg concluded: “Statistics indicate that around 40% of new window installations in Germany are triple glazed. It is often said that the UK market is five to 10 years behind Germany, so I expect our dealers to find growth in this area and for us to collectively build upon a solid start in this market, now that we have experience of promoting, selling, manufacturing and installing tripled glazed windows.”

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