‘Unbiased advice’

censolutionsCENSolutions, the consultancy and test facility for the window, door and glazing industries, is supporting  the forthcoming Triple Glazing Question seminar, hosted by Edgetech, with a stand in the Expert Arena at the event.

Wayne Rogerson, joint managing director of CENSolutions, said: “An industry forum on the topic of triple glazing should prove popular as window fabricators, sealed unit manufacturers and installers alike are already debating the advantages and disadvantages of triples on their productivity, thermal efficiencies, carbon footprint and profitability. CENSolutions will be supporting the event with a stand so visitors can find out more about how existing, market trends and future legislation will affect their business.

,“We are supporting the Triple Glazing Question and encouraging companies to attend the event because there is already a lot of misinformation in the market and we need to be very careful that, as an industry, we don’t mislead the consumer – intentionally or unintentionally.

,“Whether it becomes common place or not, triple glazing has a place in the market but anyone getting involved in triples must understand all the variables. For example, three panes of glass are not necessarily better than two. Only with the correct glass combinations, cavity width and gas in cavities, will things improve significantly.

,“As the largest supplier of certification in the industry, CENSolutions can offer visitors to the event and to our stand in the Expert Arena, completely unbiased advice on triple glazing because we have nothing to gain or lose if it becomes common place, or if it doesn’t. We just want everyone to be armed with the facts before they make a decision of whether to get involved in triples or not. We’re also looking forward to hearing what the rest of the industry thinks about triple glazing, its pros and cons and whether or not it will become the standard offering in years to come.”



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