Weatherglaze chooses Aluplast

(From left to right:) John Cummins, finance manager for Weatherglaze; Conan Doyle production manager at Weatherglaze; Ian Cocken, director of sales and marketing for Aluplast; Jim Dempsey, chair of Weatherglaze, and Shea Dempsey, managing director of Weatherglaze

Weatherglaze is one of Aluplast’s latest new customers, thanks to the Aluplast team’s secure supply of energy-efficient products that are available in flush options and in a wide choice of foils.

According to Ian Cocken, Aluplast’s director of sales and marketing, colour was key for the Ireland-based Weatherglaze team, as the market for foiled products has always been bigger in Ireland than the UK.

Aluplast’s leaders have invested significantly in the business’ foil offer, which includes the premium Woodec and Aludec foils. The business has maintained a strong supply of its most popular stock colours, we have been told, and foiled product accounts for as much as 50% of Aluplast’s total order volume.

“General market activity in the window industry has been frenetic over the last quarter, with many fabricators reassessing the relationship they have with their suppliers,” said Ian. “We have found that conversations have focused mostly on colour, flush and a secure and stable supply.

“We’ve also found that many business owners are doing their research before talking to us. That means we quickly get down to the detail about how we help fabricators switch over to Aluplast. We have built a very strong and experienced team of engineers to help companies switch systems without losing a day’s production.

“We have our own full-time BFRC auditor in the team, to carry out full testing and licensing,” he added. “This is a bespoke service, and it means that we can offer our customers full technical support without relying on third parties, which can cause delays and incur extra costs.”

The Weatherglaze team has taken on the Ideal 70 system from Aluplast, a fully sculptured profile that can achieve U-values as low as 1.2W/m²K double glazed. The system suites with Aluplast’s flush casement window and door, which the Irish fabrication team is also due to manufacture.

“Flush windows are doors are vital components of every window company’s offering,” Ian added. “Our options are compatible with both the Ideal 70 and Ideal 4000 profiles, which gives fabricators flexibility when meeting demand for contemporary, heritage and newbuild projects, without having to take on extra stock.” For more information about Aluplast, visit the company’s website.

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