Father and son team up at Indeglas

From left to right: Jeanette MacIntyre, Indeglas’ managing director; Andrew Dunn, apprentice; Steven Dunn, site manager

Steven Dunn has been appointed site manager for the glass interior specialists, Indeglas. Steven has 14 operatives under his supervision, including his son, Andrew, who began his joinery apprenticeship with Indeglas in 2016. Steven is responsible for the site management of an internal glass screen work package with value in excess of £1.4m, with responsibilities ranging from management, technicalities relating to the installation of glass screens as well as logistics and health and safety.

A longstanding joiner, who operated in partnership with now-retired Harry Bedborough, Steven formerly worked as a subcontractor. The majority of his work was carried out for Indeglas’ owner, Jeanette MacIntyre, and for the businesses in which she had a management role – including Neslo Interiors, Zenith Interiors and Deko Scotland – over a period of 30 years.

When Jeanette staged a management buyout of Deko Scotland and, in 2017, rebranded the business as Indeglas – Danish for ‘internal glass’ – Steven and Harry were part of that journey and became an increasingly integrated partnership as they collaborated to installing the company’s increasingly sophisticated internal glass screens. Today, Indeglas is sole UK and Ireland distributor for the product range of award-winning glass manufacturer DEKO of Denmark.

Of the role, Steven said: “I’m enjoying it; it’s so different from the role of subcontracting joiner, but I’m well supported as I’m learning a massive amount. No two projects are the same, and long experience in the industry helps, though working constantly with an iPad takes a bit of getting used to.

“Fortunately, I’m a fast learner and I have been helped by Tom Russell, former Indeglas site manager, who retired recently. He has been a valuable mentor to me ever since I worked for him a couple of years ago on Indeglas’s Forth Valley College, Falkirk Campus glass screen installation project.

“When Tom decided it was time for him to retire, I asked his advice about my suitability for applying for his job. He was very encouraging, and he is still there for me at the end of a phone if there is an element on a project that needs talked through.

“Andrew is also employed by Indeglas and has thrived. I have seen a big difference in him. He is now a confident young qualified joiner, still accumulating experience and, like me, looking forward to getting beyond these Covid restrictions.”

Because they lived in the same “bubble”, both Steven and Andrew got back to working together in June last year, earlier than most, since they had been in the same ‘family bubble’. “I hope we can all come out of this period stronger than when we went in. Lessons have certainly been learned and I hope we can profit from them,” Steven concluded.