G23 judges shortlist Chris Bennett for Rising Star

Judges of the G23 Awards have shortlisted Chris Bennett, production manager at UK Doors Online, for this year’s Rising Star Award. The Rising Star Award recognises individuals from the UK glass and glazing industry who are poised for an exceptional career trajectory and are considered future leaders.

“Chris’ approach to continued success is founded on a commitment to introspection and a relentless drive to identify ways to surpass previous achievements, said Andrew Glover, managing director of UK Doors Online. “His emphasis on open and effective communication within his team has been the cornerstone of his accomplishments, and why he is so highly regarded at UK Doors Online.

“The G23 Awards provide a platform to honour exceptional individuals like Chris , who are pushing the boundaries of the industry. We at UK Doors Online are so proud of Chris and his nomination, and look forward to seeing him reach even greater heights in his promising career with the company.”

As production manager, Chris has proven time and again that he possesses the leadership qualities necessary to motivate and inspire his team, a representative of the business added. They continued: “His dedication to quality control has resulted in a remarkable 1% nonconformity rate for products leaving the UK Doors Online warehouse, a testament to his commitment to customer satisfaction.

“Under Chris’s supervision, the team is actively working towards reducing nonconformities to zero, a feat that demonstrates his relentless pursuit of excellence. Moreover, Chris actively contributes to product development and innovation, leveraging his deep understanding of customer concerns and demands to create products that resonate with their needs. His influence has been instrumental in maintaining impressive levels of customer care and customer retention rates, which UK Doors Online takes immense pride in.”

The full list of G23 award nominees is published online in this report. To book tickets for the awards ceremony, visit g-awards.com.

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