Key appointment strengthens Glazerite’s digital marketing

Glazerite Group has appointed Lauren Edwards as digital marketing coordinator to further strengthen the company’s digital marketing strategies. Whilst working closely alongside group marketing manager, Michelle Wright, Lauren will develop what the company sees as a core element of its marketing strategy for 2018, for its own growth and on behalf of its installer customers.

Michelle said the appointment will enable Glazerite to further increase the marketing support the company provides to its customers: “Lauren’s skillset is the perfect fit for what we need in the business. A focus on the digital tools for our installers has been a big part of our marketing support over the last few years. But over the last year we’ve seen more and more of our installers spending thousands of pounds on various areas including social media and SEO, often not having the impact promised. These are all things we are looking to build in with our installer marketing support plan and will be carried out in a way that is right for their business.”

Lauren said: “Much of my experience was directly transferrable into my current role and we’ve already made some good headway with some of our installers with digital objectives. I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead and becoming more involved in all aspects of marketing at Glazerite”.