Blink and they’re gone

According to ODL Europe, if you’re looking for an interesting upselling opportunity, then Blink enclosed blinds are a popular choice, with over five million units sold worldwide. Nathan Barr, managing director of ODL Europe, said: “Blink is the perfect upselling product for businesses looking to extend their portfolio, increase customer satisfaction levels and grow their margins.”

Available in a wide range of colours, Blink enclosed blinds are said to provide a safe, modern alternative to traditional corded or cordless door and window blinds. The blinds are encapsulated in an insulated glass unit, so they are protected from dust, dirt and damage. The raise, lower and tilt facilities are operated using a single, ergonomically placed operator switch so there are none of the safety risks associated with traditional corded blinds. Full-height privacy channels eliminate light gaps, shadows and sunlight glare, providing another benefit over externally fitted blinds.

Blink enclosed blinds are subjected to rigorous product testing, including 10,000 raise and lower cycles, UV stability tests and the slam test. As well as being robust and reliable, they are also said to be thermally efficient and come with a 10-year glass seal warranty.

Blink enclosed blinds are ideal for a variety of window styles as well as sliding patio doors, French doors and other exterior glass doors. There is also a standard 22 x 36 size for door cassettes for ODL Europe’s market-leading Capstone composite door slab.