Complementary range is launched

hoppeDoor and window hardware manufacturer, HOPPE (UK), will be launching a brand new complementary range of products this month (January 2014) ‘to ensure its customers have everything they need to maximise the forecast market growth’.

Stewart Lamb, national sales and marketing manager for HOPPE (UK), said: “Despite the difficult market HOPPE (UK) has been investing in the development of new products for its customer base.

,“As the experts predict the start of our industry’s recovery, we are pleased to announce the launch of our complementary range of letterplates, knockers, numerals and spyholes. This product launch is the culmination of market research we started at FIT in April, new tooling investment and product development.

,“Designed to exactly colour match door handles, finishes include the ever-popular polished chrome and gold and powdercoated white and black, with further colour matches to our unique anodised finishes due in quarter two in 2014.

,“HOPPE (UK) is committed to providing customers with the quality products they have come to expect. This dedicated approach to providing such a high quality standard of product is precisely why HOPPE (UK) is celebrating 25 years in the industry this year. Customers trust products with our name on it, which is a responsibility we take very seriously.

,“We look forward to starting off 2014 with this and other product launches to ensure our customers stay ahead of the competition.”

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