Dynamic and interactive

Titon has added a ‘dynamic and fully interactive’ CGI environment – the ‘Titon Product House’ – to its website, www.titon.com.

In addition to Titon’s product portfolios, the new feature also contains detailed information about indoor pollutants, as well as advice on how these can best be combatted.

Users can explore the Titon Product House by selecting from ‘Window and Door Hardware’, ‘Ventilation Systems’ and ‘Indoor Pollutants’. The first option allows a 3D property to be explored, with products such as Titon’s trickle vents, door handles and window hinges all shown in-situ. Clicking an item results in a brief product overview being displayed, alongside a link to its relevant page on the Titon website.

Selecting ‘Ventilation Systems’ allows visitors to explore the same 3D environment while looking at the comprehensive range of systems Titon has to offer, with individual illustrative configurations available for intermittent extract fans and background vents, continuous mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and continuous mechanical extract (CME) – the latter of which can be viewed in both centralised and decentralised arrangements.

The ’Indoor Pollutants’ version of the room identifies the most common sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found inside a home. It also contains links to expert advice on improving levels of indoor air quality, from renowned industry organisations such as BEAMA.