Glide offers ‘much more light and height’ to any glazing project

dutemannFollowing the launch of its bi-folding door in 2012 and the Dutemänn Haus range of residential doors in 2013, trade fabricator of aluminium bi-fold and entrance doors, Dutemänn UK, has launched Dutemänn Glide, an ‘energy efficient, high quality’ range of sliding doors.

Described as a ‘lift and glide’ patio door, Dutemänn Glide is said to offer ‘impressively smooth’ operation and features sashes that are mounted on a mechanism which allows it to be elevated when opened, and lowered when closed. There is also a setting that allows the moving sash to be lowered onto the track at any point, in order to provide localised ventilation.

Martin James, managing director of Dutemänn, said: “We are particularly excited about the Dutemänn Glide. As the panels can be manufactured to a maximum width of 3,350mm, and a maximum height of 3,200mm, the door can offer much more light and height to any glazing project, whilst achieving excellent thermal and acoustic performance.”

The high level of energy efficiency of Dutemänn Glide is said to be the result of a combination of thermally broken aluminium sections, incorporating 35mm polyamide strips and cross-linked polyethylene insulation. Glazing is available in either a double or triple option, with a maximum sealed thickness of 55mm. As well as performing to industry standard U-values on its larger panel sizes, Dutemänn Glide reportedly retains this level of thermal efficiency on the smaller panel sizes too.

For further details of Dutemänn Glide’s gearing, weather testing, acoustic rating, U-values, panel configurations and factory finishes, please call 01322 771213 or email

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