Go green with Blue Line bio-based foils

Fenestration foam tape specialist, ISO Chemie, says that its new range of bio-based self-adhesive connection foils offer improved sustainability around window sealing.

High performance ISO Connect Blue Line is manufactured from renewable materials, including polymers based on sugar beet, sugarcane, corn, maize and other similar plant species, which absorb large amounts of CO2 during growth, providing performance qualities similar to foils manufactured from synthetic materials.

According to ISO Chemie, the Inside Blue Line option provides ‘rapid and effective’ airtight bonding of window connection joints on the interior side of a building structure, creating a vapour diffusion barrier that prevents condensation and mould build-up around the window frame area. Suitable for exterior sealing of connection joints on windows, doors and panels, Outside Blue Line acts as a flexible and durable vapour diffusing foil to improve the release of moisture to the atmosphere.

The foils are said to comply with European environmental regulations (EnEV), RAL installation guidelines and are resistant to driving rain, impermeable to water, airtight and windproof. An elastic-type quality ensures joint movements can be effectively accommodated post installation, while enhanced flexibility and tear-resistant features allow the foils to be applied easily and accurately on angled constructions.

The product, which comes with a 10-year guarantee, can be over plastered, painted and glued during and post installation thanks to a fleece effect surface and are available in 30m rolls in a selection of width options: 70mm, 90mm, 145mm, 180mm, 235mm and 290 mm.