High-security building envelopes from Schüco

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“Winning façade packages just got easier for Schüco fabricators,” said the systems supplier’s representative, announcing the full integration of Sälzer high-security systems into the Schüco product catalogue. Schüco partners in the UK and Ireland can now consult directly with Schüco UK on high-security solutions for building envelopes and order pre-fabricated Sälzer products direct from the Schüco team.

The integration enables Schüco partners to expand their product offering without having to take on the risk of fabrication or bring the necessary expertise in-house, Schüco’s representative has said.

“Sälzer has been specialising in high-security systems for over 50 years and became part of Schüco in 2018,” said Schüco’s representative. “What sets the Sälzer suite of products apart is the fact that multiple security requirements can be combined in the same system. A highly burglar-resistant façade, for example, can be built to be bullet or blast-resistant in some areas, or it can provide equal protection against all three threats.

“Not only does the system allow different requirements to be met but there are no sightline differences when transitioning between the high-blast resistance façades to low-blast-resistance facades. What’s more, the high-security façade can be seamlessly combined with a section of façade that does not provide any protection.

“This uniform design has been achieved through the close collaboration of the two building envelope specialists from the planning and development stages. The S1es-50/S1es-60 high-security façade was based on the Schüco FWS 50/60 façade wall system (50/60mm face width), a mullion/transom façade.

“All Sälzer designs are thoroughly tested and certified by independent institutes, often far beyond the standard requirements.”

“The S1es-50/S1es-60 high-security façade system offers burglar resistance up to resistance class RC 5 as well as bullet resistance up to FB7,” they added. “It can also withstand a blast test with 500kg of explosives. As a result, the high-security façade offers a high degree of resistance to burglars armed with heavy equipment and assailants with long firearms, as well as terrorist attacks.

“The high-security system is complemented by a wide range of tested and certified high-security Sälzer doors and windows. A variety of design options is available including dual-colour systems, outward-opening and motorised options, and high-security sliding doors.

“Look no further when designing a building envelope that requires the comprehensive protection provided by Sälzer’s high-security system range and the design quality, precision engineering and technical advice for which Schüco is renowned.”

For more information, visit Schüco’s website, contact your local Schüco business development manager or email mkinfobox@schueco.com.

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