Kit’s a hit with customers

sapaAluminium systems specialist, Sapa Building System, reports that customers are ‘reaping the rewards’ of its unique product kits.

,Claiming to be the only systems company to provide windows and doors in kit form, Sapa says it is able to offer customers significant time savings and reduced wastage, in comparison to products that are supplied as bar length. A service that Sapa has offered for more than 40 years, products are supplied in boxes with a full set of assembly and installation instructions and an accessories pack.

,“The process is very simple: a customer fills in an order form, then it is processed by the customer service department. The kits include pre-machined  profiles and give fabricators everything they need to assemble the product which means fabrication is less time intensive,” said Paul Strong, field sales director at Sapa Building System.

,“Typically a door would take around two hours to assemble from a kit, whereas you’d be looking at between four and five hours for the equivalent product in bar length. All the preparation is done in our warehouse on CNC machines and processed through Sapa Logic. This is a software system our customers also have access to which provides technical product information to help with the fabrication process.”

,According to Sapa, products that are provided in bar length tend to clog up production flows whereas using a pre-machined  kit will speed up fabrication, allowing more jobs to be completed and having a direct effect on customers’ bottom line.

,“We order a lot of kits from Sapa and they work really well for us,” commented Brian Ellis, company director at Howard Yarnold. “We find they also help us reduce waste and give more flexibility when it comes to the huge number of different colours that are now available. Using bar length wouldn’t be a problem if there were only limited colours available as waste could be kept to a minimum. The kits are a much more cost effective way for us to offer a wide range of colours.”

,Sapa products that are available as kits include all Dualframe doors, Crown sliding folding door, Crown 98 and Crown 120 doors and all horizontal and vertical sliding windows.

,For more information contact Sapa Building System on 01684 853500 or email

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