Rooflights & Skylights website launches

For those in need of a rooflight or skylight, a new online store has launched: Rooflights & Skylights. Servicing both professional builders and homeowners, Rooflights & Skylights is said to offer a range of polycarbonate and glass solutions with next-day delivery available on many stocked units, while also supporting customers with bespoke requirements.

The new online store has been developed by the National Domelight Company (NDC), a supplier of rooflights, skylights, domelights, smoke vents/AOVs and roof lanterns. The Rooflights & Skylights site is designed to be easy to use with an intuitive navigation that allows visitors to search by feature and use, material and shape, location within the home, or brand. Each product listing has images and a unit price and detailed technical and delivery information is also available.

“Rooflights & Skylights has been designed to support the industry’s demand for the quick, no-fuss purchase and delivery of rooflights and skylights, and we’re delighted to launch a stylish site that meets this service need so well,” said Scott Couldrey, NDC’s managing director. “NDC was one of the first companies within the sector to launch an online shop and as the industry has evolved, we’re pleased to still be ahead of the curve and providing solutions and services that support our valued customers through Rooflights & Skylights.”