Sealant fits the bill for gorilla house project

tremco illbruckNaturalist David Attenborough has offered us many insights into the lives of our planet’s creatures and the difficulty of filming them, with the footage of him sitting by a great ‘Silverback’ being an iconic example; however the estates department at Bristol Zoo, together with a leading design practice, have faced some challenges of their own in creating a new gorilla house.

Rigg Construction is the main contractor for the project, while Bristol based Architecton is leading the design team.

With the animals able to climb up onto the glazed roof of their new home, project architect, George Tasker, called on Tremco Illbruck to help ensure the armoured glass can take the strain.

He commented: “Although this is a very unusual commission for us in terms of the ‘usage’, our practice is well known for its use of structural glazing and we have therefore employed Tremco products many times in the past: particularly where we are connecting new build structures to existing properties.

“In this case, the idea was to build a glazed structure that the gorillas will be able to climb up onto – the first time it has ever been done anywhere in the world – and this of course presented some special challenges.

“Compriband TP600 will be used to support the armoured glass – four sheets of 12mm toughened glass laminated together – while the manufacturer’s SP525 silicone was chosen partly for its resistance to being picked out.”

The Compriband TP600 20/8-15 gauge will sit within the steel frame of the 13m x 9m roof of the new gorilla house, to cushion the 52 mm composite. Then the SP525 silicone will be injected into the upper recess using extra long nozzles. Tremco Illbruck says that both will contribute to the weather-tightness as well as the stability and durability of the assembly.

Tremco Illbruck offers a full technical back up and site supervisory service for all of its glazing and other product ranges.

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