There will be mud

“The best way to demonstrate the exceptional performance of TruShield easy-clean treatment for glazing is to throw muddy water at it;” that’s according to Charlotte Davies, marketing manager at Edgetech UK. “It really brings home how brilliantly TruShield, Edgetech’s next generation glass protection system, works,” she said.

Charlotte, who wants the latest products in Edgetech’s range to have the attention they deserve, added:

“TruShield is a fantastic opportunity for the window industry. It protects glass to maintain its original performance and saves time, effort and money for end users by creating easy-clean glass. It adds value to windows or glazing for IGU manufacturers, fabricators and installers.”

Throwing muddy water at both treated and untreated glass allows visitors to see just how TruShield works. The chemically bonded layer maintains the clarity of the glass without affecting the light transmission and this maintains the energy efficiency of units. According to Edgetech, TruShield is exceptionally resistant to wear, chemical erosion, heat and UV radiation.

“Visitors to FIT Show 2016 will see the process for coating glass is simple,” added Charlotte.

“Edgetech has three options for companies looking at this profitable new opportunity. We will be demonstrating how the hand, semi and fully automated systems make TruShield available to any business.”

Visitors to the FIT Show 2016 will find TruShield next to the entrance to Hall 3, on stand AT10. Edgetech has booked two other stands (three in total), dedicated to products including TruFit expanding foam edge tape and the ‘just add glass’ product range for IGU manufacturers.

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