Velux Commercial launches new roof glazing seminar


Velux Commercial has launched its RIBA-accredited continuous professional development (CPD) seminar, ‘Roof Glazing: More than glass’. Architects and specifiers can now register for the seminar by emailing

The CPD is structured around five topics which aim to give architects and specifiers a greater appreciation for a range of glazing materials, as well as solutions for roof glazing. The CPD can be held online, on-site or in another agreed venue.

CPD learning outcomes

  • ‘What is meant by “roof glazing”?’;
  • the types of roof glazing solutions available;
  • the advantages and disadvantages of different roof glazing solutions;
  • the impact of regulations and standards on product choice;
  • and how commercial sectors benefit from different roof glazing solutions.

“At the conclusion of the seminar, architects and specifiers will have more confidence and comprehension as to what roof glazing is, and its various roles within the commercial building sector,” said a Velux representative. “Those in attendance will also understand what the main glazing material choices are, as well as the pros and cons of different solutions.

“Identifying different glazing options helps to comply with industry standards and regulations while meeting the unique needs of various building types. How best to deploy glazing materials will also be explored in the seminar, as will the positive impact rooflights can have on people and the planet.”

Learn more about ‘Roof Glazing: More than glass’ here. To book, email

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