A lead free decade

profineOver the last decade, Kömmerling’s parent company, Profine Group, has reportedly saved 68,000 tonnes of lead, thanks to its calcium-zinc based compound, Greenline.

,During this period, the Profine Group has processed well over two million tonnes of Greenline and as a result, it claims to have been ‘instrumental’ in the drive to remove lead from PVC-U compounds in the building sector. Profine claims to have taken a ‘leading stance’ in this environmental initiative that’s also supported by the European PVC industry sustainability programme,VinylPlus. Commited to the responsible use of additives in the PVC industry, VinylPlus is working towards the replacement of lead stabilisers by 2015.

,Stefan Seidel, managing director of Profine UK, commented: “This is an impressive statistic and to put it into reality, 68,000 tonnes is more than the weight of a typical medium sized commercial airliner. Our material research is as important as our product development programmes, including our Kömmerling brand in the UK as we further cement our reputation as the market leaders in research and development for the PVC-U window industry.”

,For further information, call 01543 444900, e-mail enquiries@profine-group.com, log on to www.kommerling.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @kommerling_uk

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