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Bonfield Review is right to focus on quality, says FMB

Bonfield Review’s strong focus on quality should be welcomed by industry says FMB

EU exit delivery plan needed to boost construction sector, says FMB

Berry calls for ‘exit road map’ to remedy Brexit uncertainty

Fast track planning urgently needed, says FMB

‘Painfully slow planning process’ is holding back the delivery of new homes says FMB

Council Tax misuse hitting SME house builders, warns FMB

Government must prevent local authorities from hindering SME developers with ‘unfair Council Tax burdens’, says FMB

Council Tax proposals could damage house building, warns FMB

Charging Council Tax on unbuilt ‘could deter SME house builders’

Bureaucracy blocking apprenticeships

Survey suggest a third of construction ‘turned off’ to new trainees

Consumer anxiety over tradespeople costs UK economy £6bn

UK economy missing out on home improvement spend due to ‘cowboy builder’ fears

‘Generation Buy’ needs ‘Generation Build’, says FMB

PM’s pledge to replace ‘Generation Rent’ with ‘Generation Buy’ will only be possible if government enables house builders to boost the supply of new homes, warns FMB

Easier finance helping small house builders, says FMB

Access to finance for SME house builders ‘showing signs of improvement’ says FMB

Central and local government must increase SME spend, says FMB

FMB urges increase in spend with small and micro firms by every public sector body