FENSA switches inspections provider


RISA LtdFENSA is switching its installations inspections to RISA Ltd from the British Board of Agrement (BBA) from February 2016. RISA is the new subsidiary company recently set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) Group.

RISA is a brand new company with one of the most experienced inspections teams in the industry. The FENSA inspection team at the BBA is moving to RISA to continue to provide the same levels of service and professionalism as before.

FENSA Certified Installers will benefit from having the same inspector that they have worked with over many years, no change in inspection procedures or standards, but with better controlled costs that will minimise future increases in inspection fees over the next few years. FENSA is also pleased to announce that for a least the next 24 months, all inspection costs will remain frozen.

“FENSA will be delighted to work with this new GGF Group company,” commented Chris Mayne, managing director, FENSA. “It offers the exciting opportunity of even closer collaboration and streamlined administration which will deliver more efficiencies. This should allow us to better control costs and improve the inspection service for FENSA Installers.”

Chris Mayne concluded: “FENSA would like to thank the BBA for all its excellent work supporting FENSA over the previous 12 years and wishes the company all the best for the future.”

FENSA installers should see no changes in advising of installations for inspection or booking inspectors’ visits. The only change FENSA Installers can expect will be new telephone and email contact details and these will be advised very shortly.

For further information on RISA please email enquiries@risaltd.co.uk or telephone 020 7939 9300.

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