Four new publications

ggfThe Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has released four new and updated publications to help and guide members, homeowners and the wider construction industry. The new publications include:

,The Quality of Vision
,This new leaflet highlights the high standards that consumers should expect when buying top of the range sealed units and offers guidance for consumers to carry out a professional standard inspection to ensure their sealed units achieve the expected high quality of vision. This publication also covers areas such as special types of glass, condensation and patterned glass.

Low Emissivity Glass and its Visual Quality
,The GGF has produced a handy new leaflet to help consumers understand how low emissivity glass can increase the energy efficiency of their home. The leaflet also considers all UK variations of Building Regulations, reviews the pros and cons of the product as well as offering advice on how visual quality should be assessed.

The Right Glazing in the Right Place
,This Safety and Security leaflet has been revised and provides information on impact performance of glass and safety glazing in critical locations, recommendations on the class of safety glass and plastics and also recommended thickness of glass together with a diagram of critical locations. This GGF leaflet has proved very useful for both the industry, consumers and inspectors giving concise, crucial safety information on using the correct glazing materials in the correct locations.

Narrow Cavity Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) with Reduced Spacer-bar Sightlines
,This new leaflet provides technical guidance to manufacturers and specifiers of narrow cavity insulating glass units (IGUs) with cavity widths of 8mm or less and with reduced spacer bar sightlines.


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