GGF launches updated consumer publications

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has updated its ‘Laminated Glass, Safety and Security’ and ‘Toughened Glass, Safety and Strength’ publications. This guidance document is to help guide consumers on the features of both products.

ggf-launch-two-updated-consumer-publicationsSteve Rice, GGF technical director, commented: “We are delighted to launch these two updated leaflets on toughened and laminated glass for consumers. The GGF prides itself on technical experts that provide the industry and consumers the best technical guidance through GGF publications.”

The Laminated Glass, Safety and Security leaflet explains what laminated glass is and covers the main types as well as special laminates. Other areas included are appearance, marking, availability and a list of reasons why customers should choose laminated glass, with a guide to the levels of protection laminated glass offers. It’s a popular and useful leaflet for all laminated glass suppliers. The publication is available to download here:

This Toughened Glass – Safety and Strength leaflet explains what toughened glass is and highlights its flexibility for many glazing solutions and systems. The publication also outlines the mandatory (critical) safety glazing areas where safety glazing materials such as toughened glass must be used by law, in new and replacement glazing applications in all buildings. In addition the leaflet covers the extensive range of toughened glass and other thermally treated glass as well as process restrictions. If you manufacture/supply or install toughened glass, the GGF claims this is ‘a very useful leaflet to provide to your customers’. This publication is available to download here:

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