Guardian joins the Triple Glazing Question

Steven ScrivensAs Guardian Glass joins the Triple Glazing Question, regional marketing manager, Steven Scrivens, explains what the company will be contributing to the debate…

“Guardian Glass is supporting the Triple Glazing Question. We believe the time is right to open up the debate as the demand for triple glazing is growing. Many businesses are tagging triple glazing production onto their current product portfolio without strictly understanding the capabilities, manufacturing considerations and performance of this product. 

“Drivers for higher energy efficient windows can be seen in the latest building regulations that affect the performance of new housing and commercial properties. There’s also been a higher level of interest in Passivhaus, where windows have to be triple glazed to comply.

“So what are the facts about triple glazing?  Does the industry have the right information to make a sensible decision on the product and its impact to their businesses? Edgetech is hosting The Triple Glazing Question, a one-off opportunity for 500 people in the industry to get together and explore some of these questions in a forum. It’s designed to give a platform across the whole supply chain to look at the challenges and opportunities of triple glazing.

“Guardian is joining the Triple Glazing Question to help address these topics. We are offering information covering the technical aspects of glass in triple glazed units. We’ll be explaining issues surrounding coatings, performance, toughening, acoustics and condensation.”

The Triple Glazing Question live event will see a panel of experts discuss the implications for IGU manufacturers, fabricators and installers. Each member of the panel will open the debate for their respective areas of expertise, followed by an interactive Q&A session, which will allow the audience to use their smart phones to ask questions directly to the panel. 

The Triple Glazing Question will take place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, on Thursday 10 April. There are a limited number of places available, so visit now to book yours.

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