CAB invites feedback on its aluminium info website

The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) association has a website dedicated to helping trade customers learn the benefits of aluminium products:, and the association’s leader is inviting feedback on the site’s content.

“Aluminium systems are considered by many homeowners as an aspirational choice for home improvement given its slim, good looks, long service life and 100% recyclability,” said Phil Slinger, CAB’s CEO. “More expensive than other fenestration materials, aluminium’s advantage is that it can offer a longer service life with minimal maintenance which makes it a sound investment.

“As a home improvement company, where do you point your customers to learn more about this product in a clear unbiased way? The Council for Aluminium in Building offer a generic website which offers the facts about aluminium home improvement fenestration.

“The website explains, in layman’s terms what aluminium is, where it comes from and what products are available. The website is there to substantiate your claims, as a reputable home improvement company, as to why homeowners should choose fenestration made from aluminium.

“Our website is is constantly being updated to include new information, and the association would like to hear from members and non members about its current content as well as suggested future content.

“As a home improvement company, if you are serious about the supply and installation of aluminium fenestration, why not consider joining CAB and becoming part of the voice for aluminium fenestration in the UK? With a wide range of technical support and training offered to members of the association, you will be joining the elite the industry has to offer.

“Check out the residential support website – it’s free to use for members and non-members – and let us have your feedback. Should you wish to learn more about membership and the support it offers, please review the CAB website at”