‘Appealing to the budget-conscious’

ultraframeRoof system manufacturer, Ultraframe, has launched Loggia Prestige – an entry level Loggia that, the company claims, ‘will support network partners in appealing to budget-conscious homeowners looking for extra living space they can use all year round, regardless of the outside temperature’. 

The Loggia Prestige ‘package’ combines two narrow Loggia columns, Prestige insulating pelmet and LivinLight, which when combined, ‘address the three main heat loss areas of a standard conservatory’, according to Ultraframe.

According to Ultraframe, the Loggia Prestige demonstrates that ‘for just a small price uplift on a standard conservatory, thermal performance can be dramatically improved’ by integrating key components of the Loggia building system. 

Ultraframe commercial director, Joe Martoccia, explained why he believes Loggia Prestige is an ‘easy sell’: “Loggia has been in the market for almost two years and it really is the system that has redefined what this industry should be all about – creating beautiful, thermally efficient spaces that utilise the very latest building technologies. But what the last two years have taught us, is that Loggia is an instant hit for homeowners looking for the grand extension, when in reality, Loggia can be designed to meet most budgets.

“Loggia Prestige really supports our network partners in ‘upselling’ from the standard conservatory and will really appeal to homeowners looking for improved thermal performance, year-round usability and more of a ‘real room’ feel at real value for money. 

“We need to get the message across that Loggia is affordable – if someone has taken the step to have a conservatory – then for a relatively small price uplift they can have a Loggia or if they are looking to upgrade their old conservatory then Loggia Prestige may well be the perfect fit – who wouldn’t choose that?”

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