Back in the chair

mark hansonMark Hanson, marketing manager at Ultraframe, has been re-elected to the position of chairman of the GGF Conservatory Association.

In his 18 years at Ultraframe, Mark is said to have been instrumental in the development of the Ultraframe brand and the company believes that his ‘influence and deep insight into the issues and challenges the conservatory industry faces’ will serve the GGF and its members well.

Mark, who previously held the post of chairman of the GGF Conservatory Association, stepped down for three years to ‘focus on the evolution’ of Ultraframe’s Loggia.

Commenting on his re-election, Mark said: “The work of the GGF Conservatory Association has never been more critical. As a sector, we face increasing scrutiny on a broad range of issues covering everything from the thermal performance of roofing systems, right through to the way retailers sell to the general public.

,“The work of this group is highly collaborative and there are a number of initiatives on the go that will bring about improvements for the entire sector. One major issue, currently being lobbied by the GGF, is the ‘Cut the VAT’ campaign to reduce the VAT on home improvements, maintenance and energy efficient glazing from a rate of 20% to 5%.

,“Another key campaign we’ll be focusing on is the removal of the burden recently imposed on conservatory installation companies by water companies, who are wrongly asking for ‘build over’ agreements on sewage pipes, sewers and lateral drains, following the transfer of private ownership of sewers and lateral drains to water companies. These are just two of the worthy campaigns we will be fighting in the coming months and perhaps years, to make our industry better for all.”

Mark added: “We would welcome new members to join the GGF and the Conservatory Association, regardless of business size. This industry has been through turbulent times but we are very clear and focused on a number of initiatives that will help and support this sector back into growth.”

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