Cornering the market

Atlas has announced upgrades to its flat rooflight. The enhanced rooflight features new click-on corner sections that reportedly do away with the need for adhesive, making it neater, quicker and easier to fit.

Gareth Thomas, sales director at Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions, said: “The Atlas flat rooflight has always been an attractive product which is why nine out of 10 quotes convert to orders. Designed from the outset to maximise profits, it’s competitively priced to offer healthy margins and it helps installers to expand their offering beyond traditional roof lanterns for flat roofs or where a lantern isn’t suitable.

“This latest development is all about offering installers even more from our products. The flat rooflight has always been designed to be an easy sell and now we’ve made it even easier to fit too with our cleverly-designed corner sections. So, as we approach the peak season for home improvements, installers can look forward to completing more flat glazed roofing projects and growing their business accordingly.”

The Atlas flat rooflight is available in six stock sizes (1x1m, 1×1.5m, 1x2m, 1.2×1.8m, 1.2×2.5m and 1.4x2m), and five stock colours (grey, black, white, grey on white and black on white), plus bespoke sizes and colours to order.

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