Low pitch, high profit

Over a third of replacement roof opportunities in the market today are low pitch lean-tos according to data revealed by Ultraframe.

Alex Hewitt, Ultraframe marketing director, commented: “The low pitch and ultra low pitch lean-to type conservatories that were incredibly popular back in the 80s and 90s are now, as we predicted, ready for refurbishment, accounting for at least a third of the replacement market opportunity.”

According to Ultraframe, its Livinroof is the only solid roof system in the market that can achieve a pitch between 5 and 10 degrees.

Alex continued: “What we’re seeing in all parts of the market, the lean-to being no exception, is a strong tendency for homeowners to switch to a solid roof product. For Ultraframe retailers this is where Livinroof comes into its own as the only replacement solid roof system that can achieve the ultra low pitches required in the lean-to market. While other roof systems can achieve gradients of 12 degrees, the vast majority of lean-to extensions require a pitch of less than 10 degrees. To put some figures around this, of our total lean-to Livinroof installations this year, half have required a pitch less than 12 degrees.”

Dax Duckett, managing director at UltraInstaller, Clyde Windows: “The lean-to is an incredibly broad spectrum of extension type so the flexibility of Livinroof is perfect. We’re replacing about 10 lean-tos a month and typically the homeowner wants a solid roof solution. Unlike a typical conservatory, lean-tos often come with some unique design challenges – low ceiling heights, low pitches. Livinroof enables you to very easily deliver a solution that meets the homeowner’s need for a solid solution while still maximising natural daylight to keep it feeling light and bright.”

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