New twist on orangeries

aztecAztec Conservatory Roof Systems says its new ring beam finishing detail is ‘giving fabricators and installers a fresh dimension to adding value’.

Limelight has been purpose-designed to be quick and easy to fix inside the roof, creating what is described as a ‘contemporary interior’ to the finished orangery. According to Aztec, it eliminates all the ‘cost, planning and time issues’ historically associated with creating the same effect (having several trades on site to construct a section of flat roof, insert a reduced-size glazed lantern roof, then plasterboard the whole). It enables a full-sized conservatory roof structure above, with its associated increased profit, and is quicker to construct.

A lightweight steel ladder framework supplied already cut to size, Limelight is quickly and easily secured into the ring beam, and plasterboarded. The plasterboarding enables personalising to the consumer’s requirements, be it insertion of downlights, painting etc. Dark tinted glazing is fitted inside the main roof structure to eliminate the risk of solar heat penetrating the box and potentially leading to condensation.

,”Using the Limelight system gives a more cost-effective and labour-saving solution for the customer, yet it actually gives the fabricator and installer up to 30% greater profit potential, as they are supplying and installing a bigger orangery roof,”
explained Tim Franks, Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems’ managing director.

“The overall effect of Limelight makes the orangery seem more substantial and an integral part of the home, rather than an extension. We have specifically engineered Limelight to optimise individuality: for example, downlights can be exactly positioned when needed/ wanted, rather than handing people a ‘fait accompli’ with pre-drilled openings.”

Limelight is supplied ready cut and fabricated to order, so it precisely fits into each roof.

The trim continues Aztec’s roof system’s ethos of being simpler, faster, and better. Originally designed and engineered by conservatory fitters to address the common fabrication and installation issues inherent in other roofs, the core roof system claims to reduce on-site build time by up to 30%, and ‘almost eliminate’ risk of remedial callbacks.

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