Taking the Limelite…

aztecThe new Aztec Limelite orangery detail has reportedly enabled a Wirral based conservatory installer to win a big sale.

Design uPVC has been using the Aztec conservatory roof system for over a decade and partner, Mark Newton, was so impressed with Aztec’s new Limelite system, that he used it on his own home. When a potential customer saw the end result, they placed an order for a 7m x 4m double orangery using the Limelite detail for their property.

“Limelite gives the benefits of the orangery look, without the added expense and time issues associated with constructing a flat roof with an aperture covered by a smaller rooflight,” explained Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems’ managing director, Tim Franks.

Limelight has been purpose-designed to be quick and easy to fix inside the roof, adding a ‘creative interior’ to the finished orangery according to Aztec.

“From the fabricator’s point of view, it enables them to achieve added value: using the ‘conventional’ fat roof infilled with a rooflight approach, the rooflight element on a 4m x 4m orangery would be only approx 2.8m x 2.8m; the Limelite approach takes the overall roof size back to 4m x 4m,” added Tim.

Limelite comprises a lightweight steel ladder framework supplied already cut to size, which is plasterboarded to create the orangery appearance; it can be further enhanced by insertion of spotlights etc.

Limelite continues Aztec’s ethos of being ‘simpler, faster, and better’. Originally designed and engineered by conservatory fitters to address the common fabrication and installation issues inherent in other roofs, Aztec’s core roof system can reportedly reduce on-site build time by up to 30%, and ‘almost eliminate risk of remedial callbacks’, according to Aztec.

As well as offering a roof with a raft of unique features, Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems offers its fabricators unique benefits, including guaranteed areas of work without competition and no business taken direct.


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