Stay warm

Prefix Systems has launched a #100%WARM campaign, to help communicate the fact that its Warmroof has been engineered throughout to be a true ‘warm roof.’

According to Prefix, while there are a number of solid, insulated warm roofs in the marketplace, not all of these products are of a 100% warm construction and so the risk is that roofs manufactured using a cold roof construction can suffer from cold spots and condensation. This is particularly apparent the late autumn, throughout winter and in the early spring. With these roofs being sold as a long-term investment, the worry is that an increasing number of these roofs may fail to varying degrees, says Prefix.

With Warmroof, the insulation sits above the roof deck and so all aspects of the roof, including the glazing bars, are fully insulated. With some competitor systems, adds Prefix, the insulation sits in between the glazing bars and so this forms part of a cold roof construction.

Prefix says that Warmroof has been proven with installations right across the UK, including Scotland and Wales. Warmroof has a fully insulated eaves and offers options for valleys, a full choice of roofing tile and can accommodate pitches from 50 – 450, among other unique product features.

Chris Baron, of Prefix Systems, commented: “Our #100%WARM campaign is designed to communicate the benefits of Warmroof which is fully insulated throughout, regardless of roof type or design. To be 100%WARM, the insulation needs to sit above the roof deck as our product has been designed to do so, helping to eliminate the potential for cold bridging, something that we are seeing on site with other systems.

“The risk for installers is considerable, particularly where 10-year warranties are the norm and so installations today, may become liabilities for tomorrow and for years to come.’