Watertight answer to glass spans

aztecThe problem of achieving a weathertight seal on large glass roofs is addressed with an innovative solution from Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems.

,The company, one of the UK’s leading independent conservatory roof system companies, has designed and developed a new muntin bar.

,The concept involves fabricating the double or triple glazing with a slightly longer top pane, which then sits on top of a ‘stepped’ profile detail on the thermally broken muntin bar. As a result, water on the roof runs down and away from the jointing bar.

,“More often than not, conventionally, where two panes of glass abut on a roof, the joint leaks,” explained Tim Franks, Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems managing director. “Our solution is so simple, and it works, overcoming what is a major headache for roof installers, and their customers.

,“We have always claimed our roof system to be simpler, faster and better – the new bar continues that ethos.”

,The bar is available as standard in black, to minimise any visual impact on the conservatory or orangery aesthetics, but the full range of colours are available to order. As with all Aztec roof components, all shades are available in single unit quantities, with no minimum order.

,The Aztec roof system, originally designed and engineered by conservatory fitters to address the common fabrication and installation issues inherent in other roofs, is claimed to reduce on-site build time by up to 30%, and almost eliminate risk of remedial call-backs.


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