Hörmann launches ThermoSafe Decoral


Hörmann UK has launched a new addition to its range of aluminium entrance doors: the ThermoSafe Decoral. Focussing on quality, security and modern décor finishes and styles, doors within the ThermoSafe range feature a 73mm door leaf within an aluminium frame.

ThermoSafe doors are robust yet elegant, according to Hörmann’s representatives, and provide high levels of security, longevity and good acoustic insulation. The products also have thermal properties that ensure they can achieve a U-value of 0.87 W/M2K.

The Decoral finish is applied to a powder-coated surfaces of ThermoSafe doors using a patented coating method, resulting in a reportedly detailed and colour-fast appearance. The range comes in five finishes – Cement, Rusty Pantina, Wild Oak, Barnwood and Barnwood Grey – together with 18 exclusive door styles. Supplied with a standard frame in jet black, the ThermoSafe Decoral door is also available with exterior handles and embellishments in jet black, or in one of the Decoral colour options.

David O’Mara, Hörmann UK’s marketing manager, said: “The ThermoSafe Decoral door is an exciting opportunity for both the market and the end consumer. Our ThermoSafe aluminium doors are well known as a premium door, providing both high quality and high performance along with an extensive range of finishes and colour options. The addition of Decoral now offers that little bit extra in design and style which results in the opportunity to create a truly unique and stylish front door.”

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