Thermoseal offers new option for heritage windows

Thermoseal Group, the UK manufacturer and distributor of highest performance warm edge spacers, has developed a new warm edge option for insulated glass (IG) manufacturers looking to construct double glazing units with narrow cavities for heritage-style windows.

New 4mm Thermobar also has a spacer profile height of 5.5mm (as opposed to the standard 6.5mm) to give a slimmer sightline at the edge of the unit to fit into the window rebate. This is to suit applications where smaller and narrower window frames are required in the restoration and replication of traditional style windows.

The Group’s sales director, Mark Hickox, announced: “Following customer feedback on our previous Thermobar warm edge spacer with a 4mm air cavity, we reduced the profile height and redesigned the product to give a more feasible solution to producing dual seal warm edge window units for heritage applications.

“A dual sealed unit is made with a primary butyl sealant and secondary edge sealant (in this case hot melt) which increases the distance of the path for moisture to penetrate through the sealant into the unit thus maximising the lifetime of the unit.

“Our Thermobar warm edge spacer and accessories range has been extremely popular both in the UK and now for export. Thermobar spacer is one of the highest performing warm edge solutions available on the market. It has a thermal efficiency value of 0.14W/mK which is certified on its Bundesverband Flachglas data sheets and has a Passive House component rating of phA+. Our 4mm spacer tube is ideal for those looking to produce a dual sealed edge in their heritage units and we have already received a great deal of interest in this product.”

New 4mm Thermobar is available in black, grey and white with bespoke corner keys colour-matched to suit. The bar itself is supplied in 5m lengths in boxes of 250m or Stillages of 8,000m. Thermobar warm edge spacer is also available in: 7.5mm; 9.5mm; 11.5mm; 13.5mm; 15.5mm; 17.5mm and 19.5mm – coming soon are 22mm and 24mm solutions. All bespoke Thermobar accessories are manufactured in-house and include: corner keys; gas keys; gas fittings; straight connectors; also solutions for simulating multipane windows – duplex fittings and Interbar and fittings.