All-glass balustrades made Easy

bohleGlass hardware specialist, Bohle, has added a new glass balustrade system to its wide range of balustrade products.

,The Bohle EasyMount Vario is an all-glass, adjustable, balustrade channel, fully tested to BS 6180:2011. Supplied in 2.5m or 5m lengths, EasyMount Vario features a unique, patented, sliding base shoe, which permits quick and easy alignment of the glass panels, typically with up to 40mm of adjustment. Using a simple, reusable tool, the glass is adjusted leaving the balustrade panels perfectly vertically aligned.

,EasyMount Vario can accommodate glass thicknesses from 12mm to 31.52mm, in both toughened and laminated glass. According to Bohle, the ‘simple yet aesthetic’ design of EasyMount Vario can reduce installation times by around 30% compared to similar systems, and when working at height, it can be adjusted from one-side. This can potentially save the additional costs and risks associated with hiring lifts or scaffolding.

,A wedge version of the system called EasyMount Fix has also been launched, sharing the advantages of the Vario system and offering what Bohle describes as a ‘simple, low-cost solution’ to all-glass balustrade installations.

,For more information on the EasyMount system call 0800 616151 or visit

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