Online glass training

guardianGuardian Glass UK has launched a new online training centre. 

The training centre offers a video learning library, which covers different aspects of industry knowledge in short film format, from how glass is made to the technical differences between glass types.  The videos are supported by online training sessions which each take about 30-40 minutes to complete and are said to provide ‘vital industry knowledge’ applicable to industry professionals as well as architects and specifiers.

“Guardian has always believed that continuous training is of key importance to business success,” said Mark Bristow, regional manager for Guardian Glass UK. “We also appreciate that time is valuable and that not all businesses can dedicate the same amount of time to staff training.  Our new online Guardian training centre allows businesses to allocate short periods of time to staff for training, enhancing their industry knowledge without taking them away from their daily tasks for extended periods of time.”

Ensuring staff have the right knowledge and understanding to fulfil customer needs and enquiries helps to keep customers satisfied and sales rising.

“For years Guardian has provided industry training courses that have always been well received by customers and industry professionals alike,” said Mark. “This new centre builds on that experience by making the courses easily accessible as online training.”

The online training sessions cover a range of topics from ‘Glass as a Design Material’ to ‘Coated Glass and Energy Balance in Building’. Participants can also learn other vital information, such as how changes to Building Regulation Document L impact on glass and glazing businesses.  This type of information is key when helping to ensure the right glass is specified to meet regulatory requirements.

Guardian online training is available as part of the free Guardian Plus programme. For more information and to access the training sessions, visit

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