Desiccant proves better

etechEdgetech UK says it has made it even easier for glass manufacturers to make better IGUs, with the launch of TruSieve 3A molecular sieve desiccant.

According to Edgetech, TruSieve desiccant has a high humidity adsorption capacity to deliver long term performance within the insulated glass unit. The British Standards Institute (BSI) was commissioned to carry out comparison tests against desiccant from leading suppliers and the results reportedly showed the initial moisture content of TruSieve is as much as 38% better and moisture adsorption capacity is up to 18% greater.

Edgetech already supplies a range of component products to make glass units more efficiently. They include Super Spacer and TruPlas warm edge spacer systems, TruPlas SDL and Bostik Hotmelt sealant.

“We wanted to offer customers a desiccant that would give optimum performance without additional costs,” said Alan Fielder, Edgetech’s director of sales and marketing. “It also means manufacturers can order all the components they need to make a glass unit in one delivery from us.”

TruSieve desiccant is now in stock and available in both standard and millibead sizes. Over the next few months, more products will be added to Edgetech’s growing range of products for IGU manufacturers.

More information on TruSieve is available at