Ready for the Chinese market

PRESS GLASS has been awarded with a Chinese Quality Certification (CQC) certificate, which confirms its glass units meet the quality and safety standards binding for the Chinese market. The manufacturer assumes that this attestation will ‘enhance the competitive position of its business partners’.

China introduced ‘China Compulsory Product Certification’ in 2003. The products covered with the certification requirement include products of the ‘Glass For Construction Industry’ category.

“This approval gives a guarantee that the PRESS GLASS business partners will be able to enter the Chinese market. This is because products with a valid CQC certificate can be legally exported to China, as well as sold and used there”, explained a spokesperson from PRESS GLASS.

The certificate awarded to PRESS GLASS, which specialises mainly in supplying glass units for the construction industry, covers glazed units, tempered glass and laminated glass.

The certificate can be viewed here

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