Cheaper, greener coolant cleaner

For many years, Bohle claims that its Sedimentor technology has been proving that recycling and cleaning glass machine process water saves money and improves quality. The company has now launched an improved version of its mid-capacity coolant cleaning system, with the introduction of the new Sedimentor 1.0, which offers lower electricity costs and lower maintenance costs, with fewer shutdowns for messy tank cleaning and a fast return on the purchase price for the customer.

Based upon proven technology, the new Sedimentor 1.0, is said to increase machine efficiency and improve the bottom line by raising grinding quality, extending the service life of tools, reducing water consumption and saving on coolant usage. The latest Sedimentor 1.0 has a larger 1,000 litre, efficiently designed polypropylene tank but a smaller footprint of 2m x 0.8m x 2.3m. With a throughput of around 150 litres per minute and a purification performance of 3.6 kg per hour, the new Sedimentor 1.0 boasts fast cycle times and according to Bohle, removes even the finest glass particulates that might otherwise damage the tools and glass. A 300 litre filter bag reduces the frequency of emptying.

For a free site visit and demonstration of Sedimentor technology, contact Bohle Customer Services on 0800 616151.

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