BSI Kitemark for Ultion

Everybody ApprovesThe BSI Kitemark has been added to the list of accreditations for Brisant Secure’s Ultion, which also includes TS007 3 star, Sold Secure Diamond and police approved Secured by Design certifications.

The BSI Kitemark is said to be one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety in the UK, and is acknowledged around the world.

Brisant Secure CEO, Steve Stewart, said: “The Kitemark is a welcome addition to Ultion’s accreditations because it signifies that Ultion is a brand for security and quality. Ultion is the lock that locks and stays locked, and we have a policy of continual improvement so that will always be the case. We value consistent excellence in both product and service, and it’s great to be recognised by the BSI who shares these values.”

Ultion has passed a variety of tests to achieve its certifications, including the rigorous tests required to achieve Sold Secure Diamond. Its unique lockdown mode prevents burglars from gaining entry even when they snap Ultion. The addition of the Kitemark means Ultion has earned every accreditation available.

“We’re very proud of Ultion,” added Steve. “Homeowners want security and we’ve created a lock that gives them real-life protection from real-life burglars. Working in partnership with the BSI and adding Kitemark accreditation confirms Ultion’s position as a high quality cylinder door lock. The Kitemark is short-hand for the homeowner, they see it, they know it, and they know it means quality. Fabricators and installers love it too.”