Fullex PAS24 locking system is ‘simply secure’

Door in rig at BRE ready to testFullex says it has always been keen to pursue bespoke projects and its latest collaboration with system supplier, Kommerling, has resulted in a successful PAS24 inline patio door test at the Building Research Establishment.

Fullex says that gaining PAS24 on inline patio doors is among the most difficult of UK residential door security tests and the most arduous part of the test is when opposing 4.5Kn loads are applied at various points along the interlock of the two doors, considered the most vulnerable area.

The doors were manufactured from the Kommerling Premiline patio system, fitted with a bespoke hardware package from Fullex. Each door was fitted with the Fullex XL 8 hook stainless steel patio lock, patio shootbolts, a patented Fullex multipoint Interlock system, Fullex patio rollers and the Fullex Kinetica cylinder. A bespoke patented Interlock shootbolt system was also fitted at the top of the door to help resist the dual 4.5Kn loads applied.

The brief was simple: develop a highly secure, but easy to use system that met PAS24 and the guidelines set out by the Lifetime Homes initiative (www.lifetimehomes.org.uk). Lifetime homes, under Criterion 15: Glazing and window handle heights, calls for handles or controls for opening lights to be no higher than 1,200mm from the floor. The patented Fullex Interlock system enables operation of the three hooks and three anti lift bolts from a single handle at a height, which meets the Lifetime Homes requirement, making the system not only very secure, but simple to secure, according to Fullex.

The complete SBD locking system is available from Kommerling for customers wishing to gain PAS24 and Secured by Design accreditation on their Premiline patio doors. The Kommerling/Fullex package will include pre prepared steel and technical assistance on initial set up.

Mike Hill of Fullex Locks commented: ‘This is a major step forward in inline sliding door security and the new system allows a wide range of users to enjoy the security and safety that we all take for granted. Other systems relay on both high and low level operation and whilst undoubtedly secure when used, they can be difficult to operate. This new locking system is ‘simply secure’.

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