Introducing the RAM bidirectional window lock

nicoNico Manufacturing, the UK manufacturer of window products, has expanded its range of high security locking systems with the launch of the Nico RAM.

Designed, manufactured and assembled at Nico’s UK production facility, the Nico RAM is described as a ‘cost effective’ multipoint locking system, with bidirectional cams at each end of the locking bar. The longest two sizes also feature a central cam.

In operation, the outer pairs of mushroom cams travel outwards into specially designed security keeps, which provide anti-jemmy protection from any direction.

For maximum corrosion protection and an attractive silver finish, it is plated with Nico Supercoat 500, which, it is claimed, provides more than 480 hours salt spray resistance (BS EN1670 Class 5).

The Nico RAM locking system is available in five sizes up to 1,150mm. Adjustable cams and a wide selection of keeps make it suitable for most popular window profiles.

The Nico RAM locking system is approved to BBA, Secured by Design and meets the requirements of PAS 24.

The Nico RAM is part of Nico’s comprehensive range of window and door hardware, which also includes a selection of different locking systems, friction hinges and door hinges.

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