Ozone Plus ‘revolutionises’ door closer technology

103537The latest in next-generation door closer technology, the new Ozone Plus (popularly known as the hydraulic patch) is now available at Total Door Hardware.

Suitable for frameless tempered glass and wooden doors, this ‘stylish and easy-to-fit’ patch fitting has an in-built hydraulic system which can be installed with just four fasteners so there is no floor cutting, no digging and the coffin box ‘rests in peace’.

Ozone is described as an ‘internationally-renowned’ architectural hardware solution company which offers door controls along with an array of other products for commercial doors, shower rooms, structural facades and balustrade systems.

The hydraulic patch comes in both a hold-open and non-hold-open function and is used for double action swing doors. The fitting has a low operating force valve which is said to ensure ‘easy and effortless’ door movement. Since there is no floor cavity or cover plate, easy cleaning under the door is also possible. This means that the fitting can also be used for areas which require regular washing to remain bacteria free, like hospitals, restaurants and restrooms.

The Ozone Plus hydraulic patch conforms to EN 1154 standards and been tested to 500,000 cycles. It comes in different models which are suitable for both internal and external doors.

For more information, please contact 01279 406049 or email sales@totaldoorhardware.co.uk