Secure and well ventilated

vbhFG Senso is the latest product from the German greenteQ range to be introduced into the British market by VBH.

It is described as an ‘attractive’ matt brushed stainless steel tilt and turn handle with in-built electronic alarm and climate control functions.

The alarm function detects any vibration that may indicate an attempted break-in. The vibrations trigger a three minute 115db(A) alarm signal to deter would-be intruders.

As soon as the handle is moved into the closed position, the alarm function is activated, without the need to enter a password or remember to click a switch.

The climate control function detects when the air humidity in a room exceeds a pre-set figure (50, 55 or 60%). The user is alerted via two LED lights on the sides of the handle backplate that it is advisable to open the window to ventilate the room for five – 10 minutes in order to prevent condensation and mould growth.

Power is provided by a standard battery which is readily available from normal retailers. The pre-installed battery gives a service life of approximately two years and 200 days (based on an average of three alerts per day).

VBH marketing manager, Gary Gleeson, advised: “VBH has had great success with FG Senso in Germany. Although tilt and turn is not the norm in the UK, there is still a healthy market for this style of window here and we continue to sell a lot of Roto, Siegenia and Maco tilt and turn hardware. We see greenteQ FG Senso as an excellent product that offers something completely different to a standard handle. It’s a great way for fabricators and installers to offer product differentiation and upgrades to their customers.

“It can be fitted on new installations and, as there is no requirement to wire it to the mains electricity supply, it can just as easily be retro-fitted.”

More on greenteQ FG SENSO can be downloaded from or from the group’s dedicated greenteQ website at

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