Stainless Steel Collection brochure

HOPPE BrochureHOPPE (UK), the manufacturer of door and window hardware, is pleased to bring to market the latest literature to support its stainless steel range of pull handles ‘The Stainless Steel Collection’.

“Our range of stainless steel hardware continues to be very popular within the marketplace, due to the high performance stainless steel offers,” explained Stewart Lamb, national sales and marketing manager for HOPPE (UK). “Stainless steel is corrosion resistant because the alloy components, chromium and nickel, develop an invisible protective film. HOPPE brand fittings are manufactured from chrome-nickel-steel, as it is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

“At HOPPE, it is important for us to ensure our customers have confidence in HOPPE as a brand, as well as in the products we supply. The sleek design of the new brochure showcases our high performance pull handles from each of the dura product ranges, but also contains information on the HOPPE brand values, which backs up all of our products in the field. Call HOPPE today to order your copy.”

The release of this latest literature, follows the launch of the brochure for HOPPE’s new Complementary Range of products which was also unveiled earlier this year.

The range includes letter plates, knockers, numerals and spyholes, all designed to exactly colour match door handles. Finishes include the ever-popular polished chrome and gold and powdercoated white and black, with further colour matches to HOPPE’s anodised finishes available soon.

Call HOPPE (UK) now on 01902 484 400 or visit to download your copy of either brochure today.

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