Simplicity and sophistication

Carl FHS Portal 300 lift and slide hardware is now available from Carl F Groupco. Manufactured by Siegenia, the product is described as an ‘advanced fitting’ that supports increasing demand for high specification hardware.

Designed for simple yet straightforward operation of sashes weighing up to 450kg, the HS Portal innovation makes it possible to now open widths up to 12-19m. With a rise of just 19mm, the system meets the DIN 18025 standard and thermal insulation significantly exceeds the EnEV German energy saving regulations.

Design simplicity is combined with sophistication – the HS Portal gearing enables the lift and slide door to be operated with just one finger. Additionally, wheels easily clear gaskets which avoid friction in the slide position, making opening and closing the door virtually effortless. An optional electronic opening device is a further design feature, which aids easy operation.

The HS Portal lift and slide patio gearing can be used with timber, PVC-U and aluminium profiles.

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