Titon guarded over FIT Show preparations despite photo leak

Titon FIT Show Area 24 Press Release_1A Titon employee claims to have spotted a mysterious box in the ‘high security’ area of the company’s manufacturing facility in Suffolk – as shown in a photograph which has been leaked to the media. This image has sparked speculation and excitement over what it may be, although exact details of its contents have yet to be determined.

A company employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, revealed: “I was making my way out of the factory when I noticed something was glowing on one of the shelves, where we store products intended for exhibitions. As it was in the secure zone, which is known in the company as ‘Area 24’, it was unclear what has been prepared for transportation – but something interesting is definitely in the pipeline!”

Titon is scheduled to be exhibiting at the FIT Show at Telford in April 2016 (stand 326), but whether this is connected to the unidentified glowing object is still open to debate as, when contacted, nobody from the company was available for comment. Stranger still, when the employee questioned his colleagues, no one else at the factory seemed to have noticed the boxed phenomenon. Perhaps more details will be revealed soon…