Eurocell products used for Liverpool refurbishment

Eurocell refurbishment

A team from Ballpark Developments specified Eurocell window and door solutions for a challenging refurbishment project in Liverpool. Timber-framed vertical sliders were replaced with modern alternatives, and aluminium products from Eurocell’s Modus range.

The building on Parkfield Road had fallen into an unmanageable condition and was picked up at auction by a team from Ballpark Developments. They aimed to restore the landmark property and create upmarket apartments.

“An added request from the conservation office to specify aluminium windows and doors in the extended part of the building presented further difficulties with aesthetics,” said Eurocell’s representative. This resulted in the Ballpark Developments team reaching out to Warwick Developments and subsequently being introduced to the team at Eurocell.

After specification review and consultation, Eurocell’s vertical sash sliders were presented as an alternative for the timber-framed windows, combined with Modus windows as an alternative for the aluminium window.

“Our wide variety of windows provide fabricators and developers customisable solutions to suit projects of varying demands, including those that involve sensitive restoration like this development in Liverpool,” said Kelly Hibbert, head of commercial sales for Eurocell.

“PVC-U is an energy-efficient, durable, safe and highly technical choice for residential properties, and we look forward to working on similar projects in the future that require sustainable and forward-thinking fenestration options as we continue to lead the market.”

Tony Ditchfield, owner of Ballpark Developments, said: “It has been fantastic to work collaboratively on this project and bring the property back to life.

“The use of innovative and durable products helps reduce waste and the need for constant maintenance and replacements, which is of great importance as we work toward net zero. We look forward to seeing the building let with new tenants, and for further projects with this team.”

Learn more about Ballpark Developments’ refurbishment project, online here.

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